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We are Here for You!

Educational & Supportive Groups


(Standing Together Overcoming Pain)




  • Teaching individuals to recognize their pain within

  • Teaching individuals how to share their pain with others

  • Teaching individuals how to witness their pain in others 

  • Teaching individuals how to strengthen each other with knowledge and personal experience

  • Helping individuals see they are not alone


Educational Stress Release Workshops

Reveal 2 Heal  Workshops 

Recognizing Each Vicious Episode Attacking Life

to Help Every Aspiration Life​

(Healing from the inside out)

  • Focusing on the trauma and pain within

  • Recognizing the triggers that cause the pain 

  • Focusing on the cycles of abuse and unhealthy patterns that lead to the destruction of self and others

  • Journaling & book clubs

Dance with me Workshop

 (Release the baggage & give your voice movement)

  • Fun with exercise music and dance

  • Calming techniques

  • Connecting your thoughts to your moves

  • Aligning your body and mind 


Blend - Believe Love

Evolve Never Destroys

(mommy, daddy me and we)

Learn to co-parent and work together for the best interest

of the children


Family Time

(spending time with each other make room for growth, communication,  respect & love)


Prenatal Support 

(walking you through a journey of joy and love)


Parenting Classes

(individualized and group parenting classes providing parents with options 8-12 weeks)


Life Skills

(motivating individuals for personal growth 6-8 weeks)

Anger Management (getting angry is easy, learn how to become slow to anger. 12 weeks)


Finance Management 

(you know how to spend money, now it's time to learn how to budget and save money 6 weeks) 



Family Entertainment
Image by Aditya Romansa
Personal Growth Concept. Chart with keyw
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Our Services
Focus on...

In-home services as needed

-Depression and/or anxiety in children and adults

-Domestic violence, generational cycles of abuse

-Parenting skills

-Youth Aging out of Foster Care

-Cutting or other self-destructive behaviors

-Parent-child and/or sibling conflict

- Runaway behavior

- Sexual acting out

-Case management guidance to everyday life

-Coping with children residing in foster care or returning home

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