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is a woman of God, wife, mother, CEO, educator, transformational speaker, and Life Enhancement Coach. She was born and raised in New York City and placed in one of New York’s Foster Care Systems where she learned to survive her with her younger sister. Her life was filled with pain and struggle but out of all she had to do to survive, she has become a phenomenal woman. Because Octavia was a product of the child welfare system in New York and an overcomer of domestic violence, she is most passionate about helping others. She worked to help change the lives of people who were like the wounded families in her childhood years and the women who were like silent shells in most of her adult years.


Octavia started Reveal to Heal Consulting Inc. in 2018, as a family serving families to shed light and put and end to cycles of  abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal, financial and spiritual), poverty and self-harm.  


Octavia has written two books; an autobiography of her life titled Leaked Spilling Secrets of Trauma and Reveal 2 Heal Working from the Inside out. Octavia is an advocate for victims of abuse in her community.  Her goal is to inform, strengthen and encourage individuals all over the world to take back their lives, spill their secrets of Trauma and begin living on Purpose. Living by her slogan Level Up Its Healing Time!  

Living Life According to God's Word isn't Easy but it's Worth It! 


Each one should teach one and share their journey to encourage one to become better than who they once were. 


God’s word stands true and I trust in Him with all my heart.  Therefore, I speak to His people, with passion, purpose, knowledge, understanding and excitement.  I would love to share my story, provide workshops, be a mentor and encourage those who are wary while empowering those who are ready to leave the cycles of generational stagnation behind. 


​My goal is to help as many souls heal from their inner-pains as I can. I speak of transformation, affirmation, and love. Everyone is capable of healing from whatever dark pains we hide underneath our everyday mask.  

​I am available to speak for workshops, one-on-one sessions, ministering and speaking events. 


If you are interested, book me today! 



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Letha Allie 

Vice President

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Rev. Geraldine Clark



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